New blog, and new Knights version released

Welcome to the new Knights development blog. I will be keeping this up to date with announcements of new Knights releases, and other news of interest to Knights players. I also plan to discuss future Knights developments here, so if you’d like to see what’s going into the next version then please do keep an eye on this blog.

I also plan to use the blog as a means of getting feedback from users, so if you have any comments – whether they are bug reports, ideas for new features, or just general comments – then please do post them here (or drop me an email if you prefer).

Today also sees the release of version 010 of Knights. This is a bug fix release containing the following improvements:

  • Fixed bug where controls would sometimes not work properly when playing online.
  • Fixed error “writeUbyte: out of range” when non-ASCII characters were typed into the chat box.
  • It’s now possible to join a game that already has two players in it. You won’t be able to play or watch the game, but you will be able to chat with the existing players.

Download it from the Knights home page.

4 thoughts on “New blog, and new Knights version released”

  1. Thanks for this. Me and my sister used to play this on a friend’s computer many years ago. It’s great to be able to play it again.

    I was also planning to create a modern port this but I gave up because I couldn’t find any native AMOS viewers for the PC.

  2. Congratulations Stephen! Playing this game against remote family and new ‘dungeon friends’ is my dream come true since mid-late 90’s when the internet showed a new advanced concept was possible. It’s been a long time coming and despite my failed attempts and other dreamers’ attempts, it’s YOU – You are the ONE, and may you be richly blessed for all your efforts in porting Amiga Knights. Never forgetting, many countless thanks to Kalle – as I’ve already spammed the “Reaper” with such gratefulness since 1994. Marjola’s unique concepts, designs and gameplay will now be immortal!

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