Lua Scripting

I’ve been busy adding Lua scripting to Knights. This has involved quite a few changes to the code (and plenty of debugging!) but I think it’s been worth it. Most of the in-game scripts (such as switch effects, gnome book puzzles etc) are now using Lua instead of my old text file based configuration system. Although the new Lua scripts don’t really let you do anything new yet (they basically replicate what the old system could do), the general framework is now in place; all that remains now is to add a few new functions and things that can be called from the Lua side. This should allow plenty of possibilities for mods.

The next thing I need to do is to write some documentation of how the Lua scripting works. I might use the Trac “wiki” section for this (as it’s not being used for anything else currently and it will be easy for me to update it as development continues).

After that I want to start work on the new control system which I promised a while ago. I have planned out how I am going to do this, it is just a case of doing the work now 🙂

Hopefully, I should be able to get a release out with this stuff in it by the end of the year.

Forum is back online

The forum is now back online.

The problem was that I was getting some strange spam-like emails being sent to me from the forum. I never found out why this was happening – maybe it was someone trying to hack into the forum, maybe it was just a bug in SMF. But I have upgraded to the latest SMF version (2.0 RC4) and this seems to have solved the problem, for now at least.

I also took the opportunity to delete the spam user accounts (that have been building up again!) and also tweak the forum settings a bit. I have disabled the ability for guests to view user profiles. This means that if spammers sign up fake accounts and then put links in the profiles, then no-one (apart from regular forum users) will be able to see those links. It probably won’t stop the spammers, but at least they won’t be getting any benefit from spamming my forum any more.