Knights 015 Released

Knights version 015 has been released. Get it from

New features include:

  • Potion and scroll respawning (called “Stuff respawning” on the quest selection screen). This makes potions and scrolls respawn a certain time after they are used. This should be useful for multiplayer games where the potions and scrolls run out very quickly if there are a lot of knights. (Originally suggested by dukey, back when we had the first multiplayer games of Knights…)
  • Team Duel to the Death mode. This works like a normal duel to the death, except that knights divide into teams (based on their house colours) and the team that kills all the other team’s knights is the winner.
  • Single player games can be played on the server. Other players can observe, so this is useful if one player wants to show other players how to play the game. (Requested by Moo.)
  • A speech bubble icon now appears above a knight’s head while they are typing a chat message. (Requested by K9.)

There are also a few bug fixes (see download page for full details). I have also added initial support for Lua scripting but you can’t do very much with this yet — I’m really just laying the foundations for future releases at the moment.

For the next version (016) I want to make some improvements to the control system (this has been discussed here a few times, and also some people on moddb mentioned it), and also continue working on the Lua scripting.