Knights version 20 released

I am pleased to announce a new release of Knights.

New features include:

  • All quests can now be played as team games. (The House Colours determine whether a game is a team game or not; there is no separate “team” game type any more.)
  • Invisible knights are now shown with a transparency effect, and you can see invisible knights on your own team.
  • Added a Quest Requirements display in-game. This is a handy reminder of what you are supposed to be doing in each quest.
  • On Windows, Knights now uses DirectX for rendering by default (and falls back to SDL if DirectX is not available). This should reduce CPU usage for those with up-to-date Windows versions.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements, see release notes for full details.

As usual the game can be downloaded from, where you will also find the full release notes.

Enjoy 🙂

About Knights

Knights is a multiplayer dungeon bashing game. Players must explore randomly generated dungeons and compete to solve various quests. For more information please visit

Quest Requirements display

I have added a Quest Requirements display to the in-game screen.

Screenshot showing the new Quest Requirements display
Screenshot showing the new Quest Requirements display (click to enlarge)

Originally I wanted to add a tick or cross icon next to each objective, to show whether you have completed that objective yet or not. However, I didn’t get time for that in the end, so I just left it as a static list of objectives, as shown above.

(Also, there is some debate as to whether we should always tell players whether they have completed each quest objective. For example, in a duel to the death, one of the objectives is “secure all entry points”, but players would not normally know whether they have secured the last entry point yet – so should we give this information away by telling them that the objective is complete? Hmm… perhaps it should be an option.)

Anyway, there is now just one more issue to fix (namely: invisible knights should be visible to other players on the same team), then it will be time to do the next release…

About Knights

Knights is a multiplayer dungeon questing game. For more information please visit