Lua doc updates

I did a bit more work on the Knights Lua documentation project today. The following functions have been added to the docs:

  • kts.AddMissile
  • kts.AddMonster
  • kts.AddMonsterGenerator
  • kts.CloseDoor
  • kts.Control
  • kts.IsDoorOpen
  • kts.LockDoor
  • kts.MonsterType
  • kts.OpenDoor
  • kts.OpenOrCloseDoor

There is still a lot to do, but this is a good start 🙂

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A quick Update

Hello, I hope everyone had a good Easter.

I am conscious that I haven’t made any Knights updates for about 10 years now (where did that time go!), but I feel that the time has now come for me to start working on the game again!

For me the priorities for now are:

  1. I need to get Knights working on my computer again. Unfortunately the Knights Linux build doesn’t work currently (some Makefile changes are needed apparently) and I only have a Linux machine right now (so I’m unable to use the Windows installer, at the moment). So my intention is to figure out how to fix the Linux build and then make a new Knights release (the first for some years in fact).
  2. I am going to add a “Lua Docs” section to the website to replace the old Lua documentation that used to be on the Trac site (which was unfortunately lost some time ago).
  3. I would like to move the Knights source code from its current SVN repository onto GitHub.

After that, we can start thinking about what we want to do with the game next, in terms of new features or whatever. But the above should be a good starting point.

That’s it for now — I’ll post again fairly soon with an update on how it’s going.

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