Planned server move this weekend

Dear all,

First of all, I’m sorry for not updating this site very often these last few years. Basically I have been busy with my full-time job and “real life” and just haven’t had much time to work on indie game programming projects for a while. I do hope to get back to it sometime, but probably won’t be able to do too much for at least the next year or two, unfortunately.

Also, I hope everyone reading this has been staying safe during the pandemic.

The reason I’m writing today is that I’m going to be moving the Knights server (and my personal website) to a new hosting provider. (My existing provider has said they will be discontinuing VPS hosting at some point in the future, and also I can save a bit of money by moving to a cheaper company, so now seems like a good time to do this.) I notice there is a Knights game planned this Saturday so I’ll try to fit in the work either Saturday evening after the game has finished, or Sunday morning. That should give plenty of time to fix things if everything starts going wrong 🙂 (especially since Monday is a holiday here in the UK as well).

Of course I hope (and expect) that it will all go smoothly, but there might still be a little downtime, so basically what I want to say is, don’t panic if the site is inaccessible for a time, I will be working to get it back again as soon as possible!

Any concerns, drop a note below or email me at stephen (at)

Thanks to all Knights players for your support over the years!


One thought on “Planned server move this weekend”

  1. Thank you very much for continuing to support this Amazing game and server. I regret not checking this home page more often or I’d respond to your blog post much sooner. I usually just have Server_list on favorites and go directly to that for regularly scheduled meets, but I am changing that to Knights Home page to keep up with your messages too. As for Pandemic, doing alright personally, Family, etc through it all so far, to date of this message, in Florida, USA (Opinion Alert disclaimer here: Not recommending anybody believe ‘everything’ they hear in the U.S. ‘news media’, although not to say there isn’t any truth in it, facts are troublesome things to some, and many things happening more severely are ‘localized’ to certain areas or population groups (that is only an opinion, based on un-scientific personal & random observations), to sum up, feels like… (everything Pandemic is not necessarily one-headline-one-strategy-fits-all for instance). Anyway, I hope You and all your Family are still doing well, and Happy Holidays as we near the end of another remarkably unexpected year of events. Know this… your Knights game online has helped some people around the world keep their sanity and sense of humor strong even amongst the ever changing and challenging ‘real-world’ around us. I for one.. Eternally Grateful to you!

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