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I made a graph of Knights downloads over time and I thought people might be interested to see the results.


This shows the cumulative number of downloads of Knights version 010 since its release on 5 July. Both the Linux and Windows versions are included.

The spike at the beginning of August is when the game found its way onto the Linux Game Tome.

The second spike (8 August) is when the game was announced on reddit. This caused a massive increase in hits for about a 24 hour period, which then seemed to die down again quite suddenly (I guess it dropped off the front page or something).

As you can see the game is gaining in popularity – downloads have reached 500 and are still increasing. Hopefully this trend will continue 🙂

One thought on “Downloads graph”

  1. Congrats! Next we’ll see 1,000 milestone, and probably much more activity online, along the way. My guess is the demographic meets 30-40ish full-time professionals most with children. It will be harder for them (us) to get time for online play, although the die-hard fans will make time whenever possible (like me), and those with kids will hopefully start a new market (like my brother). My next guess is a “retro-underground movement ” of anti-3D teens will catch on when the downloads hit the right scene, it’s just a matter of time (or I could be wrong about this one, maybe wishful thinking). Thank you for sharing the stats with us, very cool and impressive.

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