Knights version 24 released!

I am pleased to announce a new release of Knights!

Quick summary of the changes:

  • Knights standing on a gate will now get killed if the gate closes on top of them.
  • Reduced throwing speed of daggers to be consistent with the original Knights.
  • Fixed a number of bugs (see release notes for full details).

As always you can get the game from the download page which also contains full release notes.


P.S. I also updated the mods on the official server to the latest versions, this applies to the “Rat Rider” and “Toolbox” mods. Thank you to the mod authors for continuing to work on their mods!

About Knights

Knights is a multiplayer dungeon bashing game. Players must explore randomly generated dungeons and compete to solve various quests. For more information please visit

2 thoughts on “Knights version 24 released!”

  1. I get an error when trying to run Knights v24 on Windows XP, it says it is not a Windows 32 program.

  2. Thank you for your message. Yes, we are aware of a problem with Windows XP, the Knights exe has not been built correctly for Windows XP support. You can fix it by making the following changes to your install:

    1) Download and copy it over your existing C:\Program Files\Knights\Knights.exe

    2) Download:
    then unzip the file “libfreetype-6.dll”, then rename it to “freetype246.dll” then copy it over C:\Program Files\Knights\freetype246.dll

    3) Download:
    and unzip “SDL.dll” and copy it over the Knights version of SDL.dll

    4) Create a copy of “zlib.dll” named “zlib1.dll”

    Then you should be able to run Knights. (Please note the above is only required on XP; there have been no reported problems with Vista or later.)

    Apologies for the mistake. This will be fixed in the next release of Knights so you will only have to do the above once.

    See this forum thread for full details:

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