Knights new version coming soon…

Just a quick Knights update here. I have been away from Knights for a while (sorry about that) but I do have a bit of spare time over Christmas and I intend to use it to make a new Knights release.

The plan is to include the following features (the numbers refer to Trac):

  • Implement the “Monster Proposal
  • #215 – Add GetRespawnFunction to Lua API
  • #203 – Error message or warning if Lua “prefix” forgotten
  • #206 – Update manual to refer to new Boost version
  • #164 – Ability to cycle each observer window independently

Hopefully I can get this done fairly quickly, as I know some people on the forum have been waiting for a new release for some time now…

After that I’d ideally like to get the map editor up and running again, as this would complement the Knights Lua scripting features nicely. This could really open the door for people to make new rooms or maybe even entire custom maps for Knights. That will be a task for next year though 🙂

About Knights

Knights is a multiplayer dungeon bashing game. Players must explore randomly generated dungeons and compete to solve various quests. For more information please visit

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