Quest Requirements display

I have added a Quest Requirements display to the in-game screen.

Screenshot showing the new Quest Requirements display
Screenshot showing the new Quest Requirements display (click to enlarge)

Originally I wanted to add a tick or cross icon next to each objective, to show whether you have completed that objective yet or not. However, I didn’t get time for that in the end, so I just left it as a static list of objectives, as shown above.

(Also, there is some debate as to whether we should always tell players whether they have completed each quest objective. For example, in a duel to the death, one of the objectives is “secure all entry points”, but players would not normally know whether they have secured the last entry point yet – so should we give this information away by telling them that the objective is complete? Hmm… perhaps it should be an option.)

Anyway, there is now just one more issue to fix (namely: invisible knights should be visible to other players on the same team), then it will be time to do the next release…

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6 thoughts on “Quest Requirements display”

  1. That’s nice. Personally, I was tired of being forced to open the menu to learn the game settings =) (I am not always carefully checking them before the game starts)

    About invisible knight – will he be just visible for their teammates – or some “aura” will mark him – so others could know what enemy cannot see this “spy”?)

  2. I was going to do it like this: Invisible knights of your team will appear partly transparent (so you will know they are invisible). Invisible knights of other teams will not be seen at all.

  3. I just noticed that for newbies there’s no way to get from your individual blog posts to info about your game. A link in the blog descriptions would help.

  4. Yes, don’t show if “secure all entry points” is completed. This new display should just be a reminder and not give any information not already determinable yourself 😉

    Looks good though. I had been wondering where you were going to put it?
    Maybe have it collapsible by pressing the title of that section? 😉

  5. @qubodup: Thanks, I will try to include a link in future. (I had thought most people would be going from the Knights home page to the blog, I didn’t realize there was traffic in the opposite direction…)

    @Moo: Good idea about making it collapsible, I have added this now.

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