Progress update – making all games team games

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post to report some recent progress I have made on Knights.

It’s true that not much in the way of Knights development has happened recently (well, since January really…) — however, I did get some time to work on Knights yesterday and today and hopefully this should continue into the near future at least.

So I have been busy working on the first stage of the plan I posted last month, which was to remove the separate “team duel to death” quest and instead make ALL games team games. Here’s a screenshot of the new quest menu:

Quest selection screen (click to enlarge)
Quest selection screen (click to enlarge)

As you can see I have added five new house colours, this gives us enough colours for up to 12-player games which should be enough for now (and I can easily add more if needed). I also fixed the bug where entry points secured by the Black player were too dark (so black is now a usable colour for duel to the death quests).

Next up will be to implement a Quest Requirements window on the in-game screen, so that people can know what they are supposed to do without having to press ESC.

4 thoughts on “Progress update – making all games team games”

  1. That’s a pretty nice addition (I am talking about team games). So, we will be able e.g. to hunt the book under cover of your partner, who holds Wand of Death?) Cool…

    P.S. Thanks for the continuing development of this project! =)

  2. Yes, exactly. After adding “Team Duel to the Death” it seemed logical to extend this feature so that all quests can be played as team games. It should be a lot of fun!

  3. P.S. I should probably clarify, that the team feature is not released yet, so it won’t be available in tomorrow’s game.

    I expect the release to occur in about 1-2 weeks time.

  4. Looking good! I love the ideas and ditto ImpassIve_rus P.S.

    Had a great time yesterday, I didn’t catch this post until today.

    Always enjoy our dungeon competitions and definitely excited to see more team action.

    I know the dynamics of chaos will be raised to a whole new level.

    This also means a buddy system could encourage some new friends to show up.

    Maybe a gameplay slogan is in order… “No Knight should ever have to die alone.”

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