Knights 011 Released

A new version of Knights has been released. Visit the download page to get it.

The main new features are that the lobby window now pops to the front when somebody connects to the server, and that “observer” support for internet games is fully working. There are also a host of minor fixes and changes which are mentioned on the download page.

Also Kalle Marjola recently contacted me to say that he has changed the licence of the original game to the GNU GPL. I have decided to follow suit and release my version under the GPL as well. This should clarify the licensing situation and also allow Knights to be included in Linux distributions and similar things.

One thought on “Knights 011 Released”

  1. OH… MY… GOD. < Those were my first thoughts, when I found out about the remake some minutes ago. :p

    I never thought, that there is someone, who would make a remake of this excellent amiga game. I even thought of making a remake of it.

    I will definitly follow the project and play it. 🙂

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