Knights update (December 2014)

Hi everyone, I haven’t done a Knights update for a while so I thought I would just check in to let people know I am still here 🙂

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to work on Knights recently, so there haven’t been any changes to the codebase to report.

However, I did take the time to update the Knights web page. In particular I added a couple of review quotes, which I’ll reproduce here because they are a great description of the game:

This game is fun. It isn’t at first because there’s just so much to take in, but stick with it for an hour or two and I promise you this is one of the best games ever created.

(Steven Pearson)

If any other convincing is necessary that this is one of those multi-player games to play with friends while drinking beer, then consider this: how many other Amiga games let you bash through a door with an axe in a “Here’s Johnny!” style just before you bury the axe in your opponent’s skull?

(Adrian Simpson / Amiga Point of View)

Those are better than anything I could write 🙂 so I have added them to the home page. Hopefully the new page will give people a bit more of a clue of what Knights is all about, and maybe tempt them to download…

In other news, the game must be becoming a bit more popular because it has been added to two Linux distributions (that I am aware of): OpenSUSE and Rogue Class Linux. This is great news and hopefully will lead to more people trying out the game.

(If anyone knows of other Linux distributions that carry Knights, please let me know and I will add them to the website.)

As for future work… well, I don’t have any specific plans but here are some things I would like to do:

  • Bug fixes (there are always bugs that can be fixed… although I think most of the major ones have been squished by now)
  • Adding stuff to the Lua API perhaps?
  • Some day I want to make a (working) map editor for Knights… (although this is probably unrealistic at the moment, due to lack of time).

As always, if anyone has any “requests” for future Knights changes/improvements, please let me know.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas 🙂

For more information about Knights, please visit

6 thoughts on “Knights update (December 2014)”

  1. Hi, thanks for this update 🙂

    I packaged Knights for Mageia under the name “knightsgame” (since “knights” was already taken by KDE’s chess game), you can maybe refer to this entry in the Mageia Application Database:

    It’s currently only available in Mageia Cauldron, i.e. the development version of our future stable release, Mageia 5, which should be released at the end of January 2015. So for now it’s not that easy to grab for users of the current stable release Mageia 4, but it will soon reach a broader audience.

  2. Thanks for the info (and for packaging Knights!) It’s great to see the game being included in more and more distributions 🙂

    I’ll update the web page as soon as I get a chance.

  3. hello!
    i’ve installed KNIGHTS (v.25, dec’14) but it wont run with windows XP-sp3. an error-report wants to be send to Microsoft. the last working version is no.23 from dec’13.

    i hope u can fix it! thanx 🙂


  4. Sorry about that.

    I thought K9 was still using XP though, (unless he has upgraded recently?)

    I do remember that v.24 was broken on XP — that was because I upgraded my Visual Studio to the latest version, which introduced some XP compatibility problems — however, I thought it was fixed again in v.25.

    I don’t know what could be wrong in your case. I’ll have a think about it over the next few days, see if I can think of something 🙂 (It’s a bit difficult for me to test though, I don’t have an XP machine myself.)

  5. Hi DaFreak,

    One thing to try is to go to C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data and delete knights_config.txt. Then start Knights again, this will restart the game with default settings (in case your settings file got corrupted somehow).

    Also I wonder if something to do with DirectX is going wrong on your machine. To test this I made a version of Knights that only uses SDL and doesn’t use DirectX at all. Could you please download the following and try it out:

    (Just copy it to your C:\Program Files\Knights and run it from there.)

    Let me know what happens 🙂

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