Ogre graphics

A gentleman named Loki Trickster has sent me some ogre graphics for use in Knights. I have reproduced some of them below with his permission.



The idea is that the ogre would be a slow-moving, but powerful, “boss” monster. He would have his own room (a bit like the guarded exit or Necronomicon rooms), probably with a lot of corpses in it, and he would attack any vampire bats or zombies that came near him. Perhaps there could be a special quest type to kill the ogre, or bring something back from his room.

Unfortunately I’m not able to add the ogre to the game right now (due to lack of time), but as I’ve said before, I’m planning to add a modding system to Knights, which will make it easy to add new monsters (and other things) to the game. I’m a bit busy at the moment but I should be able to make some progress on that in December.

Reminder: Knights game tomorrow

Also I just want to remind people that we are planning a Knights multiplayer game for tomorrow (13th November) at 7pm GMT. If you want to find out what Knights is all about, then why not log on to the server at that time, and join us for a few quests?

2 thoughts on “Ogre graphics”

  1. Those are very impressive graphics, nice job Loki. As soon as I read the blog heading about Ogre, I had an image in mind that included a big nose and big club, I am amazed how you pulled together the 2d view in the familiar Knights style. I think the ideas about quests with such boss characters could definitely expand the realm of possibilities and fun.

    Speaking of fun, I am really enjoying all our Sunday game times, immensely. Those moments have quickly become the high points of my week (especially a far as laughter is concerned). Thanks to everyone who is playing. I think we may break an all time player volume record very soon. Looking forward to it, imagine 10 to 15 knights in a single dungeon with strategically chosen quest options that result in remarkably challenging battles and hilarious non-stop antics.

    Everybody spread the word, I hope to see you there.

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