kts.DestroyCreature - destroy a creature, removing it from the map



kts.DestroyCreature(creature, death_mode)


The given creature is destroyed and removed from the map.

If the creature was a knight, then any items they were carrying will be dropped at their current location.

Depending on the death_mode, one of the following will happen:

Return Value

This function does not return anything.


If the death_mode is non-nil, but not one of the four predefined strings mentioned above, then an error is raised.

Also, if the creature passed is non-nil, and not actually a Creature, then an error is raised. (If creature is nil then there is no error and the function just does nothing.)


The reason that one of the death modes is called "zombie" is that this is the death mode that is used when a knight is turned into a zombie. In that case, we want to destroy the knight, without leaving any corpse behind, and spawn a zombie in its place. The death mode "zombie" will accomplish the first part of that.

The "pit" death mode is used when a knight falls down a pit. In this case we don't want the knight's items to be dropped on the pit square itself, as this would cause the items to be "floating" in mid air. Instead, the items are dropped one square behind the knight.