Knights Downloads

Knights: Version 27 (23-May-2024)

Download Windows installer (3.9 M)
Download source code for Linux and Windows (1.2 M)
Download the server for Windows (1.3 M; only needed if you want to run your own server)

Note: If you use Linux, there might be a Knights package already available for your distribution (look for "knightsgame" or "knights"). If not, you could try running the Windows version via WINE (I'm told this works well), or just build the game from source.

Release notes

This release makes some small changes to gameplay, to bring it slightly closer to the original Amiga game. It also updates some of the libraries/dependencies used by the code.

Please note that this release is incompatible with the previous one, so if you have an older version, you will need to upgrade if you want to play on the online server.

Please also note that there are some incompatible changes to Lua, which will affect mod creators. See below for details.

Gameplay changes

The following changes were made to bring the gameplay closer to the original Amiga Knights. (Reported by Knight_Rider.)

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the numpad Enter key was not being recognised by the GUI in certain situations (e.g. typing a chat message).

Dependency updates

Code changes

Removed some uses of deprecated C++ features ("unary_function" and "binary_function") from the codebase.


There is a GitHub repository for the game.

Older Releases

Older releases can be found on the archives page.

Amiga Knights

If you are looking for the original Amiga Knights, it is still available from Aminet. Alternatively, you can download this ADF file (880 K) which boots directly into the game.