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Started by Moo, July 14, 2012, 12:20:47 PM

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Yes, that looks quite humorous, when seen in action.

We all have our burdens as a Knight on deadly quests, but no knight should be subjected to such a demeaning Swordophile Disfunction.    :-\

On a different note:  Sorry I missed the games today, I had to unvote this time, too much goin on this weekend. See you all next weekend.


Hmm, looks like it is using the dagger graphic instead of the sword graphic. Not sure why that would happen. :(


As I said, fairly easy to reproduce... So if you want to see, come on when I'm around (almost all the time ;))...


Thanks -- maybe I will take you up on that sometime, although for the moment I have Tutorial work to do...


I joined someone's in-progress game as observer. The quest requirements box was blank. They eventually got a gem, and the requirements appeared.


Hmm, true, quest requirements are not sent to observers when they join a game. (Should be easy to fix though.)