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Potion Variances (like on the amiga version)

Started by Knight _Rider, January 19, 2024, 03:57:14 PM

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Knight _Rider

Good evening all in returning after 10 years geez had it been that long

I'm the guy that reported the dagger bugs in the day..

Last bug I mentioned that hasn't been corrected or updated (I hoping it would been done after all these years)
Is variances we potions

Potion duration and quality varied with the original. Regeneration could be faster or slower, time duration varied , not all supers were the same (particular with regeneration) some supers were duds that worn off Almost instantly. Causing tables to be turn in a comical cat vs mouse spy vs spy fashion

I was told in the day it would be implemented but it hasn't which is a shame as it adds more humour, surprise , playability and making things more interesting

There's only one thing else I can think of that may not be implemented (and is a "minute* nitpick I admit) is stick can do damage if the player has strength or super ...otherwise it works just stun (this can only be done by holding fire and selecting ✊)..
 this can be used to trick the enemy (giving them false sense of security to attack you) while "attack blocking" an exit or for trolling the opponent

I'm probably too late now to write this now.. but I want to get back into this game get get few others to play.

If you guys still play send a reply to this post or email me to set up a game

Crazy how time goes right?

Enjoy your day/night all l!


Hi there,

I am not sure where the last 10 years went to be honest :)

Well, actually, for most of that time I've been doing a full time job in the games industry. I started in about 2015 if I remember rightly and eventually quit about a year ago. It was certainly an enjoyable time for me, but unfortunately it didn't really leave any spare time for hobby game development, so that's why Knights development kind of stopped completely during that time.

Anyway since about last year I've been taking some time off to work on a couple of my own projects - one of those is a new indie game, which hopefully I would be able to release on Steam at some point - although it's at a very early stage right now. But, yes, perhaps now would be a good time to start looking at Knights again. I can't promise anything, but I'll see if I can get some spare time in my schedule in the next few months :)

And yes, I do remember you mentioning the potion thing, I must have just forgotten to fix it back in the day (or not had time). I agree it should be fixed though.

I might be up for some games, if we can organise a time :)