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Regular games still being played?

Started by Rich, June 13, 2014, 11:12:08 AM

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right, well, first off, been absent for much longer than i'd have liked, but are there still fairly regular games on sundays?


Yup, usually Saturday and/or Sunday, 16:00 British/"server" time. Check the server list page, but come anyway even if there's nothing scheduled there; I'm likely to be there even if no one else is.
Good to see you back :)


Ditto, glad to hear from you again.

I was out last weekend, work went crazy on me, but I'll be here this weekend.

Moo & I are the 'regulars', with ImpassIve and Romanio still quite often as well.

Once in a while, other familiar fellow Knights appear, or newbies on even rarer occasions.

Look forward to seeing you back in the dungeon soon.

Be sure to update your version first, I don't know last time you were on the forum, but you might notice some new mods and creatures enhanced quite a bit since then.


yeah i've had a bit of a play around with those rat riders. and the armour are pretty scay :S