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Map Editor fixed

Started by Julian, January 04, 2015, 10:02:39 PM

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I have found a way to get the Knights level editor to work! It is not a very good solution, but it works great. You need to create a seperate file for the levels out of the knights editor program, then copy and paste the levels in to the actual Knights level file.


Good work :)

At some point I would like to make an improved map editor, unfortunately it's a low priority for me right now, but maybe sometime in the future.

In the meantime your fix should work nicely :)


Ummm.... how do I use the knights editor in the first place?   :P
~ Support knights here.


David, the download and instruction links are on the Archive page

The beta Map Editor only works with version 19 of Knights. Even then, it requires some fiddling with to make it work. I've come up with some workarounds to use it with the current version of Knights. I'm working on a step-by-step guide.