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Quest Ideas
« on: October 27, 2009, 05:45:35 PM »
Now, that we can play with more than 2 knights, there are plenty room for new quests.

Feel free to post your quest ideas.

My suggestion is, that there is a team mode.

1) Team Duel to the Death
You have 2 or 3 Entry Points for your team and there is only 1 Wand. You have to secure all the enemy's entry points.

2) Team Capture the Book
This is like the famous Capture the Flag. Each team has a book and a pentagram. Your team has to steal the book and bring it to your pentagram.

3) Zombie Survival
The Dungeon is filled with zombies (much more than in a normal game), there is a holy book somewhere hidden in the dungeon, guarded by more zombies. You have to get the book and bring it to your entry point. But, each player has only 2 or 3 (could be a setting in quest selection dialog) lifes. If he lose those lifes, he is dead forever.

4) Monster Maniac
This could be a game mode that take longer to implement than the others. Because we have to add more types of monsters.
The main idea is that you have a team up to 4 players and a huge premapped dungeon, you have to fight your way through the dungeon and in the end there is a boss monster you have to defeat. This could be interesting, when there are much maps. (But it would be pretty much work to implement this, because of the new monsters, the boss monsters and the idea to make your own maps (I have an interesting idea how to easily create those maps. More below.))

The idea for own map making: You can paint own maps with your favorite drawing program. The idea is, that you have a bitmap with the measure of e.g. 640x480 pixel. The basic color black. Now you can set 1px of brown on the map and you have 1 wall brick on the map. It is a little bit hard to explain, so I made a little sketch.

Here you can see, the brown border is a brick wall, the white dot could be the entry point, the yellow dots could be doors and the red dots could be monsters.
This could be an idea, but it will take time to implement, so I would say, we stick to the other 3 quests first.


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Re: Quest Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2009, 03:21:00 AM »
Looks great!   :D  I love seeing cool ideas like those, dukey.  

Taking a hint from modern shooter games, my favorite quest idea (along with 'Capture the Book') is "Hold the Shrine".  This will be like 'Hold the Bunker'.  There is a special shrine somewhere in the dungeon that all members from a team must be standing in for certain time to win.  With the right room design and map functionality built around it, this could be crazy amounts of fun and humour (or pain & suffering).  The problem is monsters/opponents trying to keep you out, or killing you, where you return to the outside of the ring having to fight your way back in to the shrine through the winding corridors.

I would like to know Visual C programming enough to help Stephen make these quests a reality (sorry still learning).

Oh, dukey, I think Stephen has some ideas about designing your own rooms & maps, not sure about his status recently, but me mentioned putting some effort into it already.  Can't wait to see how that turns out on down the road.
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Re: Quest Ideas
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2009, 08:24:07 PM »
I did start work on a map editor, but that is sort of on hold at the moment.

Actually if you go into C:\Program Files\Knights\knights_data you will find a file called knights_rooms.txt, this contains all the room definitions. You can just edit this with a text editor if you want. However this may not be the most practical way to edit rooms, since the tile types are encoded as numbers so it's not really obvious what your room is going to look like from reading the file.

There is also an Amiga map editor by rpr, you can get it in the Knights source code package which rpr has on his web site. You'll need an Amiga (or emulator) and a copy of AMOS to run this (although I could probably make a compiled version if someone wants to run it without AMOS). This saves rooms to a file called KRD, I have a script "" which will convert this to the knights_rooms.txt format.