3. Quest Selection

Each game of Knights revolves around a quest – a set of objectives that players must accomplish in order to win. Before each game starts the players must decide which quest they wish to play. The game comes with a number of pre-defined quests to choose from, or you can design your own.

After joining a game the following screen will be displayed:


(Note split screen and single player games use a cut-down version of this screen, without the chat area and player list.)

The main part of the screen, on the left, is taken up with the quest settings, which are explained below. The right-hand area is used for chat. At the bottom is a "Ready to Start" button; once all players click this, the game begins.

If you click "Observe" then you will "sit out" of the next game. You will be able to watch the game but not take part. To re-join the game again, click "Join Game" (note this can only be done from the quest selection screen, not during the game itself).

Quest Settings

To play one of the pre-defined quests, simply select it from the Quest drop-down. A brief description of the mission will appear in the small window at the bottom left.

To set up a custom quest, use the drop-down boxes to enter your desired mission objectives and other settings. (These are described in detail below.)

To allow the game to randomly choose a quest for you, click on "Random Quest". You can then either accept the quest as-is, make some tweaks of your own, or ask for another random quest.

Quest Objectives

The following options define what you have to do to win the quest.

Dungeon Environment Settings

The following settings affect the type of dungeon generated and the nature of the dungeon environment.

Time Limit

There is also an option to set a time limit. If the time limit runs out, then all players lose. (The exception is deathmatch games, where the player with the highest score will be declared the winner when time runs out.)

House Colours and Team Games

At the right-hand side of the screen, you can set your knight's House Colours. Knights of the same House are deemed to be allies; therefore, depending on the colours chosen, the game will either be "all against all" (if every knight has their own colour) or a "team" game (if some knights share the same colour).

In team games, there are some changes to the normal rules:

Starting a GameScreen Layout