9. Game Options

Game Options Screen

On this screen you can configure the game controls and other settings. Note that all settings will be saved to disk and automatically re-loaded the next time you start Knights.


This is the main part of the options screen. Here you can select whether to use the "new" or "old" control system (see Controls for details) and/or re-assign the keys used. If you choose the "new" control system you can also specify whether the tool tips should be displayed when you hover your mouse over the Action Bar.

Controls for split screen games are assigned separately. Note that only the "old" control system can be used for split screen games.

Unlike previous versions of Knights, there are no restrictions on which keys can be used for controls. However you should avoid TAB as this is used for chat, and ESCAPE as this is used to bring up the quest menu and quit the game.

Other Options

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