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Started by mutaphysis, February 27, 2010, 11:19:03 PM

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Great idea for reviving this amiga classic!
My brother and I spent hours hacking and slaying each other way back then.

Is anybody working on creating new graphics already? The scaled up images don't look so hot anymore (I would have preferred nearest neighbor scaling...)

But great work so far, keep up the good work.



No-one is working on new graphics, but I would be very happy if someone did send me a new set of graphics.

You can have nearest neighbour scaling if you want, just go to Options and change the graphics scaling to "pixellated".


Could you post a specific for what graphics are needed; dimensions and such? I can't promise anything, but I wouldn't object to giving it a go. :)


Stephen isn't answering, but I think we all know what kinda graphics the game needs:

Alternative tiles. Such like forest tiles, an alternate dungeon, a jail/castle....
More monsters. Zombies and bats aren't just good enough.
Alternative objects. There could be some more eyecandy objects.
More weapons. Not that much needed, but would be good. (Weapons + player sprites.)
[...] (Just post more, if someone knows more.)

I can't say anthing about dimensions. You could take a look in the knights_data folder, I think the biggest sprite is like 32 x 32 pixel.
Anyways, it would be better if Stephen would put the graphics into sprite/tilesets for a better order.


What dukey said :)

Basically, create whatever things you think the game needs (new tiles, items, monsters, etc), and I will try to find some way to put them into the game...

If you want the graphics all in one file, then try downloading the source code archive and looking at amiga_knights/kicons.ppm (and the other *.ppm files in the amiga_knights folder). These are the original graphics files from the Amiga game -- all the graphics are 16x16 tiles. (The *.bmp files in knights_data are basically just individual tiles, copied and converted from these *.ppm files.)

The game can handle tiles of different dimensions (in theory at least) and will just scale them to the correct size when playing the game. So the dimensions don't matter hugely, although I guess it might look more consistent if the new tiles are the same size as the originals (16x16).

Alternatively if someone wants to make new higher resolution versions of the original tiles, that could be quite cool too. We wouldn't have complaints about graphics scaling then :)


In the run up to exams at the moment, but will get to work on those when I can. Was looking for resolutions specifically - if we want to keep with 16x16 for now and expand on that at a later date, that's no issue for me. :)

Might try for some 32x32 upgrades of the current tiles too.


Sounds good... thanks.