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Suggestions from me.
« on: February 18, 2010, 09:59:51 am »
Great game, sorry for repeating things I said in comment on blog, but I will surely write a bit more here, so here we go:
1) Multi-level maps:
Like in roguelikes, with stairs up and down, it would add incredible amount of depth to game, as there could be broken floors, that you can fall trough and see below, maybe even throw something at enemies down there...
2) More tile types - Since graphics are low res, and get smoothed ingame it shouldn't be too hard to create new graphics, my suggestions would be:
-Cave wall
-Cave floor(few different tiles)
-Cracked wall
-Forest tile
-Grass tile(few different graphics, some with flowers, etc. for use as forest "floor")
-Mossy ruins walls(like current, but more broken and with some vegetation)
-Mossy ruins floor
-Water tile
-(Eventually)Lava tile
-Temple wall (mayan-style temple wall)
-Temple floor
-Mossy temple wall/floor
-Broken temple wall
-Stairs up/down - would have few types(temple, castle, roken, cave, etc.) and be used to descend/ascend to lower/higher level
Object-like tiles:
-Tree(Can be chopped down)
-Stone(Can be smashed)
-Stone doors(Strong, can be smashed with hammer, but hardly)
3) More items:
-Claymore(BIG, two handed sword)
-Pistol(one shot, like the oldest ones...)
-Larger, knight axe
-Shurikens(like throwing daggers, but stronger and very rare)
-Pickaxe(Used to dig trough walls, cant dig trough solid fort walls, ut can dig trough caves and broken walls)
-Shovel(Can be used to dig a hole, and eventually bury something down there)
Materials(Items could be from different materials, best ones would be rare, and only obtainable from chests/fixed maps):
-Iron, rusty
-Mithril(best material, very rare)
-Flaming(Can set enemy on fire)
-Freezing(Slows enemy down, can even freeze him after few hits)
-Shock(Can stun opponent, deals much damage)
-Vampire(Heals wielder when he hits someone)
-Holy(Deals 3x damage to undead)
-Sharp(Deals more damage in case of sword, axe,etc.)
4) More map generators(taking advantage of new tiles of course)
There could be two fields: Type and Size, size would be as it is, and types could be:
-Castle(like current one)
-Degenerated castle(like current one, but with broken walls, mossy areas, and sometimes with walls broken and opening entrance to some cave)
-Forest ruins(Forest with ruins in the middle, and eventually some caves around)
-Caves with ruins(Big amount of caves with some ruins)
-Graveyard(Graveyard with graves, crypts and forest nearby)
5)More enemies:
-Skeletons(degenerated version of zombie, resistant to swords)
-Bear(Lives in forests, big and dangerous)
-Goblins(Small and weak, big amounts of them in caves and old forts)
-Possibility for players to be other characters, like: Knight player vs Five zombie players, who hunt him down.
6) More traps:
-Fall trap(looks like normal floor, but when you step on it you fall to level below(and into endless pit if there is one down there))
-Rolling boulder trap(one time trap, activated when a player steps on activating tile)
-Trap rooms - When player steps on a button all doors close.
-More cleverly placed arrow traps ^^

Ok, I'll wrote more ideas when I will have time, please comment ^^


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Re: Suggestions from me.
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2010, 03:54:49 pm »
Nice ideas, thanks for posting.

On pistols, I am not sure about that one. On the one hand, Knights is supposed to be pre-gunpowder (at least, it has been thus far). On the other hand, it introduces other possibilities, like kegs of gunpowder scattered around the dungeon, which are prone to exploding of course :)

The other ideas all sound good. However, I think what I said in the other thread applies... if I opened up the game for editing by users then you could make all the tile types, items and monsters that you want :) It would also obviously be quicker to get the help of users to make new content, rather than having to do everything myself. So I think this is the way to go.


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Re: Suggestions from me.
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2010, 09:16:25 pm »
Everything seems nice, but I fear that in practice that would make games much longer, as if it already weren't ;)
I'd like to ask you, have you ever played NetHack? :)


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Re: Suggestions from me.
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2010, 11:03:20 pm »
Yes, I did play Nethack(Slash'em to be specific: an extended version) and many other roguelikes as well as few games in style of this game. And I think, that varying weapons would be very good idea, as it would make all the things scattered around not look always the same. As for more tile types - I can try to create graphics tommorow(If I will have opportunity to), and it would allow much new things(I know - not the best explantation, but I'm lazy at the moment). I also think, that there should be a way to balance gameplay a bit(I'm speaking of leading player vs other conflict): I would suggest, that not only leading player position could(optionally) be revealed to others, but also others could actually start with something, if they die a lot. Maybe even they could get short immortality in case of zombies near respawn.
I'd also like to suggest some new ideas:
7) Light & Fire
Fire can consume wood, players and monsters. Torches would be nice as well.
Some places could be dark(you know, the fortresses are usually abandoned, so its dark there). Torches can be "switched" on/off, mounted on walls, and - in general - they provide light and can be strong weapon against undead, or in room filled with furniture.
8) Maybe a linux binary relase & svn/hg/git/etc. versions? ^^
EDIT: Removed controls suggestions. I'll make separate thread about that.

Hope you will consider these ideas, and - if not - at least come up with better ones. I see a LOT of potential in this game, and I don't know if I will forgive you if you (pardon)screw it.
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Re: Suggestions from me.
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2010, 05:12:01 am »
Wow, kindred spirits here, I love your ideas and your energy, I hope we get a chance to fight in a dungeon sometime - I bet we will have some serious good times!