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online now thread?

Started by Rich, February 18, 2010, 04:50:14 PM

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Hi MrNeeDee,

Thanks for your comment.

We usually play Knights once a week, at 19:30 GMT on Sundays. You would be very welcome to join us this weekend :)



Hello Stephen, I've been trying to connect for today's game, but seems like server is up & down, not able to join.. :(  Just fyi.. I keep checking on it, but not letting me in... I hope it's system issue and I'm not missing anything.  Was definitely looking forward to it...

Update:   I was able to join eventually, as you already know,  that's first time ever experienced the server connect problem, hopefully just international tcp issue, or sunspots...  :o

well, for benefit of other readers, games today we're completely awesome fun..  Thanks to everyone that joined and I hope we have the same crowd again next weekend.

If for any reason you can't connect, keep trying definitely worth it.


last time I was busy. :/ I hope I can join next Sunday.


Last few weeks in March must be very busy time for everyone, I tried to make it myself for regular game but always something pressing in real life to do.

This week didn't see regular game setup by anyone else and I am super tired recovering from  last month.  Sorry couldn't play again.

I hope everyone that has enjoyed the regular games will be able to join back in  starting next week.

Looking forward to more Knights fun very soon...


Just a suggestion but maybe we should change the weekly game time to 16:00 on Sundays?

The reason I'm suggesting this is that I remember some East European players complained that 19:30 was too late for them. 16:00 might make it easier for them to join us.

16:00 here would be 11:00 in U.S. Eastern time (if I'm not mistaken) which would allow our American players to drop in for a game or two before lunch.

And of course it is convenient for us Brits being in the mid/late afternoon.

So... does anyone have any thoughts (either for or against) this proposal?



Count me in, that will work better for my schedule.

Sounds like it could work well for broader time zone coverage in general.

I would love to see all the regular players back online, lot of fun.

The team games were incredible.

Thank you.,


16:00 would be better for me at least.
(ugh spam)


16:00 might be much better for us too (me and Romanio)
We will try to join the game this week