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Making all games team games

Started by Stephen, February 20, 2012, 06:27:59 PM

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I had an idea: Maybe all quests could be team games by default. We would determine from the knight house colours whether we are playing a team game or not. (If two or more people have the same colour, it is a team game, otherwise it is a normal game.) That way, there would not need to be separate "team duel to the death" vs. "normal duel to the death" game modes, and other quests could be played as team games as well.

Does this sound like a good idea? Can anyone think of any quests that would *not* work as a team game, for example?


personally, i would like to voice my opinion for this idea, nothing would be more epic than running the book to a pedestal, accompanied by a bodyguard, and a wand bearer! except maybe animating your own zombie minions...


The idea sounds great, it seems like team games are really catching-on with regular players of at least 4,6,8  and even the occasional 2 vs 1 (as you were the Brave one   8) ) against Mudblood and I.

One thing to consider, please be sure there are enough colors so nobody is forced on a team in event players > number of colors.

It's great to see the change of player characteristics in team modes, everyone really shines with cooperative styles of attack and winning strategies.

Thank you for the awesome new depth with any additional team support.

By the way, Destroy book with wand is one of my favorite 2 or 3 player quests, but unfortunately too difficult with many more, however I totally concur with Rich, this quest in teams would be amazingly 'epic'.

There are no quests that come to mind where team 'option' would be a detriment.


Thanks for the encouragement :)

Destroy book with wand could work well as a team game, because you could have one person carrying the book, while another carries the wand. Thus avoiding the usual problem of "what do I do with the wand while I am carrying the book to the pentagram".

Good point about the house colours; I will have to add some new ones. (I actually took the colours from the original Knights, so this will be the first time new colours have been added since 1994!) Also, while I'm doing that, it might be a good idea to get rid of black -- or at least lighten it up a bit, so that you can actually see when a wand of securing has been used by the black team...