17:36 lua edited by stephen
17:34 Ticket #41 (Allow dungeon generator to reflect/rotate rooms) closed by stephen
17:33 Changeset [44] by stephen
#41: Allow dungeon generator to rotate/reflect rooms. Also add lua …


19:29 Ticket #122 (Team chat) closed by stephen
19:29 Changeset [43] by stephen
#122: mention team chat feature in the manual.
19:25 Changeset [42] by stephen
update the first_time_message to advertise the "knights game listing" …
19:21 Changeset [41] by stephen
#122: Team Chat feature. (Type /t to chat to team mates only. Applies only …
18:12 Ticket #123 (Allow more than two teams) closed by stephen
18:10 Changeset [40] by stephen
#123: Allow more than two teams in the Team Duel to the Death game.
18:08 Ticket #133 (In a duel to the death, the last player to get knocked out disappears from ...) created by stephen
When a duel to the death ends, the last player disappears completely from …
17:25 Ticket #132 (Daggers drop into the wrong square) closed by stephen
fixed: Daggers are now dropped into the correct square after firing.
17:25 Changeset [39] by stephen
#132: Drop daggers into correct square after firing.
17:24 Ticket #132 (Daggers drop into the wrong square) created by stephen
When you throw daggers at an enemy knight, the daggers are dropped into …
17:17 Ticket #128 (Disable friendly fire for team games) closed by stephen
fixed: Friendly fire now disabled, this means that melee weapons (hammers, swords …
17:14 Changeset [38] by stephen
#128: Disable friendly fire for daggers, crossbows and thrown axes (in …
15:50 Changeset [37] by stephen
#128: disable friendly fire for team games (melee only).
15:25 Ticket #126 (Should be able to map a room if a team mate is in it) closed by stephen
15:25 Changeset [36] by stephen
#126: Allow a room to be mapped if a team mate is in it.
15:15 Changeset [35] by stephen
#121: Fix bug where if player A secured a home, then player B couldn't use …
15:15 Ticket #121 (Knights on same team should be able to share an entry point) closed by stephen
fixed: The bug was that if player A secured an entry point, then player B would …
14:54 Ticket #47 (Display a message if the dungeon was expanded) closed by stephen
fixed: Didn't add entry point sharing; just added the warning message.
14:53 Changeset [34] by stephen
#47: Display a warning message if the chosen dungeon type was too small …
14:08 Ticket #131 (Deathmatch quest type) created by stephen
Idea for new quest type: A simple death match. There is a time limit and …
13:40 Ticket #127 (Cannot throw axe over barrel) closed by stephen
13:40 Changeset [33] by stephen
#127: Allow axes & daggers to be thrown over barrels.
12:36 Ticket #116 (Add "OldMOTDFile" option) closed by stephen
12:35 Changeset [32] by stephen
#116: Add OldMOTDFile back in to the manual.


18:48 Ticket #120 (Change controls screen: "Please press key for X" message displays ...) closed by stephen
fixed: Also, if NEW CONTROL SYSTEM is selected then you can't edit the controls …
18:48 Changeset [31] by stephen
#120: Options screen: Move "Please press key for XXX" to correct position, …
18:28 Ticket #46 (Remove dependency of the command line server onto SDL) closed by stephen
18:27 Changeset [30] by stephen
linux: add missing include files
18:12 Changeset [29] by stephen
#46: Remove dependency of cmd line server program onto SDL. (Now using …
16:12 Changeset [28] by stephen
#118: Fall back to windowed mode if opening in full screen mode fails for …
16:12 Ticket #118 (If full screen mode fails to open then game crashes) closed by stephen
fixed: Have fixed by implementing (a) and (b) above. A "proper" fix would be to …
15:48 Ticket #44 (Pressing up/down keys in dropdowns moves up/down by 2 items, not 1) closed by stephen
fixed: This has apparently fixed itself (without needing to upgrade guichan!) …
15:46 Changeset [27] by stephen
update to latest version of "coercri" library This happens to fix #44
14:38 Changeset [26] by stephen
add knights_rooms_small.txt to SVN
14:28 Changeset [25] by stephen
setting svn:ignore property
14:26 Changeset [24] by stephen
Initial import of Knights Map Editor
14:01 Ticket #130 (Lua error message) created by stephen
The following lua error message was seen during a multiplayer game …
13:56 Ticket #129 (Improve "pickup" command) created by stephen
Small controls improvement: If you are holding a hammer, and you are …


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15:46 mapeditor created by stephen
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15:45 Changeset [23] by stephen
fixes so that the latest map editor can work
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