18:31 Ticket #29 ("Random Quest" button) closed by stephen
18:19 Changeset [10] by stephen
Random Quest button (#29)
18:18 WikiStart edited by stephen


14:52 Ticket #114 (Server should flush log messages) created by stephen
Currently the server does not flush the output after writing to the log …
14:51 WikiStart edited by stephen
14:41 Ticket #69 (Update Trac) closed by stephen
fixed: New URL is http://www.knightsgame.org.uk/trac/ Decided to just have three …


20:26 Ticket #113 (Build error with latest gcc: "ptrdiff_t does not name a type") closed by stephen
20:25 Ticket #113 (Build error with latest gcc: "ptrdiff_t does not name a type") created by stephen
Fix is the following: 1) Add #include <cstddef> near the top of the …
19:45 Changeset [9] by stephen
(testing svn trac integration)
19:42 Changeset [8] by stephen
(testing svn trac integration)


17:12 Ticket #4 (Gems can be dropped "through" a closed door) closed by stephen
17:10 Changeset [7] by stephen
* Inverted meaning of "approach_based" parameter to …
13:03 Ticket #3 (Red dot appears on mini map) closed by stephen
fixed: This seems to happen when: 1) Knights and gems are both highlighted on …
13:02 Changeset [6] by stephen
Modified LocalMiniMap? to remove dodgy "mutable" code and just make a copy …


11:34 Ticket #112 (Compiler error on latest gcc) closed by stephen
11:34 Ticket #112 (Compiler error on latest gcc) created by stephen
Fixed a compiler error in "byte_buf.cpp" with the latest version of gcc …
11:27 Changeset [5] by stephen
* re-apply patches to enet * update src/external/README.txt to say we're …
11:12 Changeset [4] by stephen
Decided to revert to enet 1.2.5 instead of enet 1.3.3. (Rationale: enet …
11:00 Ticket #111 (Linux version crashes when clicking "Connect to Server") closed by stephen
invalid: Problem was at user's end -- he had an incorrect Boost installation (he …


15:01 Ticket #111 (Linux version crashes when clicking "Connect to Server") created by stephen
The Linux version of Knights crashes inside the call to curl_easy_init …


01:17 Changeset [3] by stephen
network_test: delay "finished_loading" msg until we actually start the …
00:32 Changeset [2] by stephen
improve network_test (make it actually join the first game).


14:11 Changeset [1] by stephen
Initial import.


18:48 Ticket #110 (Show chat from all games instead of just current one) created by stephen
Maybe chat from all games (and the lobby) should be shown at all times, …
18:27 Ticket #109 (Change to broadcast handling) closed by stephen
18:26 Ticket #109 (Change to broadcast handling) created by stephen
While upgrading the enet code (#42) I changed the way the server responds …
18:12 Ticket #42 (Upgrade to latest enet) closed by stephen
fixed: I have now upgraded to enet 1.3.3. This version is not backwards …


13:31 Ticket #97 (Include link to moddb profile on the web site) closed by stephen
fixed: added to "Links" page, http://www.knightsgame.org.uk/links.html


14:20 Milestone 017 completed
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