Welcome to Knights Trac

This is the development hub for Knights. Here you can:

User Registration

Currently it is not possible to create new Trac accounts via the web interface (this is an anti-spam measure). If you would like an account, please email stephen (at) and I will create one for you. Having an account will enable you to edit bug tracking tickets, edit the wiki, or sign up for notifications when changes are made.

Source Code Access

The Knights source code is held in a Subversion repository hosted on this site. You can check out a copy using the following command:

svn co svn:// knights

You can also visit where the latest development snapshots can be found. These include source code tarballs (.tar.gz files) and also Windows builds (.zip files).

If you are looking for the latest stable release (as opposed to a development version) then please refer to

Development Notes

The following pages contain Knights development notes.

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