Author Topic: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?  (Read 4649 times)


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What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« on: November 05, 2009, 06:29:08 PM »

To make the forum better, I start a simple topic in this subforum. :)

The Subject of this Thread is, to talk about, in what programming languages you are good.

I'll start.

Python (*****)
Python is a really simple and nice scripting language. Since it is portable, you can create a game and then use it on Linux, Mac or Windows machine, if the required library (e.g. pygame) is available. I used to write some small script, like an IRC bot or modules for a honeypot system (amun honeypot, glastopf web honeypot). My current project is to implement my own board game in python and pyglet.

Open Pascal (Delphi) (*****)
Had a 6 week practica once, where I learned this language. It's not that bad, but I prefer Python.

PHP (*****)
Well, a good web development language. Haven't done much with it, but its also simple to learn.

C/C++ (*****)
Haven't done much with this language, because I was too lazy to learn it. I think I'll give it a try, later.


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Re: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2009, 07:06:05 PM »
Okay, I'll reply :)

In no particular order...

C/C++ (*****): This is my main language, I use it all the time at work, and of course, Knights is written in it. It is probably the fastest language around for writing games, and most commercial games are written in C++ (although I understand there has been some movement towards C# recently).

Fortran (*****): Have used this a bit at work (we have some legacy code written in it). It's still used a lot in the scientific programming community as well, as it is supposedly a bit faster than C for large numerical computations.

Delphi (*****): Again have used this at work a bit, although it's a bit old fashioned these days. It does not currently support 64 bit operating systems which is causing us some problems.

Haskell (*****): Haskell is a very interesting language. It's purely functional which means you have to think in a whole different way when programming with it. So I'd recommend it to someone who already knows a lot about programming but wants to learn some new concepts. I am currently writing a Knights map editor in Haskell (although progress is slow because I'm concentrating mostly on the game itself for now). If you're interested in learning more then is a nice tutorial.

Python (*****): Python is a good scripting language for when you want to get something done quickly. I wrote a couple of Python scripts to help with Knights development (to convert room data for example).

PHP (*****): I wrote a little bit of code for the Knights website in PHP (the Server List page uses PHP) but otherwise haven't used this very much. It's main advantage is it's easy integration with Web servers.

Perl (*****): A scripting language, similar to Python in many ways, although the syntax is infinitely worse. I use this at work occasionally but I much prefer Python.

I also used to do a lot of AMOS programming back in the Amiga days...

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Re: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2009, 08:51:29 PM »
I am sad now

Lua ("****): I try to use it to make mods for Cortex Command but so far I can can do is grasp what is were and kinda what it does so I just hack code together and pray it works   :'( . I guess you could say I know it half a star.


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Re: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2009, 11:21:24 PM »
Don't be sad. Programming is something you get better at the more you do it. You will get better, if you persevere.

I have been programming for about 20 years now... so I guess you could say I have got quite good at it by now :)


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Re: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2009, 09:51:31 AM »
Assembler [x86 assembly language] (*****): I get the general idea of this language, I think I could solve some problems in it; still though, I've never really written any program. Thus, I'm far away from masters.

Bash scripting (*****): Some wouldn't even call it a programming language, but it is, and it's really useful.

C/C++ (*****): This is now my main compiled language for programming. Even I made few couples of programs, I need a big bit of practice on it.

Java (*****): Only a slight touch. I doubt I could make anything useful in it.

JavaScript (*****): I've written few useful toys in it, mostly spambots or webgame bots ;)

Lua (*****): I've written much scripts in it. Still though, I've never used it in object oriented fashion.

Pascal/Object Pascal (*****): I've written much in Pascal last year (Turbo/Free Pascal implementations), so I couldn't not mention it, and Object Pascal was my first real programming language through realm of Delphi.

Perl (*****): I'm sickly fascinated in this programming language, more, I consider it purely awesome. Some concepts are just brilliant and they shorten your work. I know that many people are scared by Perl, but this is because you can write programs in it every way you want. And that's satisfying. It may be easy, it may be uber-hard. Nice.

PHP (*****): It's my main language in which I solve problems by now. Extracting things from webpages, downloading content, using curl to have some fun with forms using POST method... It's pretty nice!

Python (*****): I merely touched it. I'm going to learn and use it... later. Though I'm really going to, as I suppose that it isn't popular without a reason.

Overall programming knowledge (*****): I have seen much things, but still there's also really much to learn and make perfect.


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Re: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« Reply #5 on: December 21, 2009, 03:10:19 AM »
My first interaction with programming began in mid 80's on Vic-20 with a cassette-tape-drive, writing peek & poke, making simple computer interface and 'musical' beeping; that hooked me.  I went on with Amiga 500 writing advanced Arexx scripts interacting with a Phonepak multi-line telephone system and Superbase programming that ultimately led to my career (after running my own company with Amiga 3000T based telephony information system in early-mid 90's).  Meanwhile I always had fun with Can-do, Amos & other object oriented environments, but I never made as much happen successfully as I did on the database and application interoperability side of things.

Consequently, for past 12 years, my bread & butter is professionally derived as a database programmer specializing in PICK basic (numerous 'flavors'), from Sequoia, Unidata, Universe, Eclipse, D3 most commonly overlaid on Unix/Linux & NT.  I've also studied and written small utilities in Progress database.

My niche from the beginning of my career has been to incorporate core database functionalities from any system with remote systems and newer/modern front-ends especially since the inception of VBA/ODBC & internet protocol layers.  I've learned the more common tools recently of .NET and began web interface and C# based Windows Forms Application development within Visual Studio 2008 (although I have a lot to learn, I've enjoyed the creative options opened up by that development environment).

Thanks for asking the question & setting up this forum topic Dukey.  Perhaps we can move this concept into a way of open-architecture or assisting Stephen at his request for “modules” or plug-ins to build Knights into a new global dungeon of activity?  That’s my recent brainstorming on the evolution of Knights.  I’m very grateful for Stephen’s interaction with the message board topics and openly discussing the realm of possibilities.

I guess I should add on the programming side of things, I’ve focused over the years on more than just knowledge of a language but also knowledge of design and concept engineering.  That is just one reason Knights has attracted me, the concept is simple, the design is brilliant, and coding has always been solid as a result of Kalle & Stephen’s programming experience.  I may not be able to program the game (although I’ll try), but I enjoy putting my ideas toward future design (without compromising the integrity of the core).

I hope someday Stephen’s Knights game play can open up to the depth of “DDO” (Dungeons & Dragons Online), while maintaining the current strengths of simplicity and fun that make the original Amiga-based Knights so appealing.


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Re: What (Programming) Languages do you speak?
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2010, 03:33:43 PM »
Har har har!  Does anyone remember the Amstrad CPC 464?

Basic 1.0 (*****): I used to mess around with this a lot.  Ask Allotriophagy about the Argyle Sock Generator!  Actually, at one stage, I was working on a sprite designer (sprites were what they called the little 8x8 pixel characters).  If only I'd persisted, I might be of some use to Stephen now... ;D - Or maybe I'd just have a lot of Argyle socks.

The only thing that's anywhere near programming that I do now is making spreadsheets in Excel.  If that counted, I'd give myself three stars for it.  Maybe four.

Other than that, as a trainee maths teacher, all I really do is A-Level pure maths.  Does anyone want a bit of maths?